4U - when you look for Italy.
When you look for events incentive or training support

We are Italian. We know Italy.

We are curious and we don't stop mind in usual places, historical location, fashion but old hotels.

We are always on the spot when something new appears. We are ready:

to suggest

to propose

to book

to assist

every need for every partner coming in Italy and needing assistance or suggestions.

We have special deals with hotels and locations. We can use fiscal leverage to assist you in the best way to assure you saving money and gaining results. 


Our warehouse (1000 sq mètres) is full of equipments to rent for every event. 

And, our crew is staffed and update to all the new technologies.

We are ready to support you all along Italy with our staff, for direction, set up, rentals, of sound and lights equipments, screens, projectors, set up materials, 

mapping, video, photos.

We can work with you thanks to our dedicated crew, or simply rent the materials you are asking for.

Ready? Steady? GO THE LAB!


When you are looking for new ideas in Italy, you only have to ask. Yes, of course, we have all the usual teambuilding and visit you can find everywhere. But if you want something more, something really special, something unusual ... ask us!

The backstage in the fashion week? Done. A special theater invitation? Nothing easier. A gourmet dinner? We book it for you. A special opening? Just ask. 

We are out of the ordinary. We are waiting to welcoming you in the The Lab Italian Way of making events.


Address: Via R. Pitteri, 10

20134 Milano (MI)


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