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Word demiurges, expression fantasists, and engineers of the results. We are aware of the blank page panic. And of the fear of being blocked. The word that doesn’t come to your mind or the impossible synonym. Writing is an art, a gift or a blessing.  


Our team is made of professional copywriter and art directors, specialized in giving words and shape to the content. Thought is quick, action follows closely. And what seems insurmountable to many, it’s everyday job to our experts.

We create websites, brochures, press releases. We write story boards for emotional or technical presentations and videos, both institutional or product related. We offer magazines editing and layout. 

We are dedicated to create buzz, contents for search engines, theories support and followers engagement. @TheLab we write with the IT and SEO in mind, working daily with Joomla, WordPress, HTML and graphic on more than 120 sites.

Like desktop’s ghost we are extremely careful. Professional Ghostwriters we keep our customers’ secrets thoroughly.

Marketing @ TheLab

We have dropped pure statistic long time ago to face the real life. Today analysis to us is just a starting point to manage guerrilla, out of the box and lateral thinking marketing. Those are just words for many, are everyday matters @The Lab. We can count on two trend spotters always traveling around the world. Shooting pictures, identifying trends, they send us their impressions and statistic that we process and elaborate for our customers. 

The dedicated marketing team has the seniority to do market research both qualitative and quantitative, with CATI methodology, individual interviews and focus panels. At the same time, we analyze trends, suggest strategies, define budgets and develop sector studies.

Most off all we implement ideas and strategies. We provoke action that leads to reactions visible in real time on the market, on the media, in the trends and behaviors.


Our tools? Events, guerrilla marketing, incentive plans and product launches. From marketing analysis to strategy design, everything goes through a coordinated communication process, building brand reputation and trust&confidence.


Food for your mind. Cognitive abilities development. Self-installing transformation mechanism. To train is to improve what you are able to do.

Training@TheLab is not training. It’s a behavioral model proposition for development and improvement.

Practice on the field and experiential learning in classroom, seminars open to public or customized coaching based on mind programming techniques, we improve exponentially people’s professional success, broadening self-fulfillment and learning how to feel happier.

Our personal advisors are active guides, voiceover in engaging times, careful maps to a safe trail.


No standard training, always tailored programs, new experiences, different dynamics.


Even in the most common areas, our methodology is “out of the ordinary”, to get “extra ordinary” results. 



Eventi & Produzioni

We produce shows, we design conventions, roadshow presentations and company meetings.

We have verticalized processes and made joint ventures to offer to our customers the opportunity of a single point of contact, a general contractor taking the whole responsibility of a project from briefing to the on air. 


Independently we can do the most; and we can count on our trusted partners for the rest.


Incentive is the best way to remember a success.


Incentive is the key to create the right atmosphere, a positive company climate; to reward a success, an important result; to be recognized in the market and to rewards those that contributes to the company value.

We have been working in the MICE market for many years, delivering incentive travels out of the ordinary, to amplify emotions and making magic also in the most ordinary city or destinations. 


We have created experiential learning formats to train individuals or companies’ groups. We are now working on the first interactive events format for product launch.


Adventour is a “survival” format training camp of two days, during which you learn how to survive through difficult conditions and to work with a problem-solving attitude. 

BE Sure

2 days and 1 night format based on the challenges that people experience in their daily life. It could be a discussion between colleagues, to business trip in a new and unknow city.


BE Sure guarantees the participants to achieve a sense of safety and security in the relationships.

Address: Via R. Pitteri, 10

20134 Milano (MI)


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