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Our name says it all. We are a creative laboratory. And more than this. We work behind the scene to enhance the brand or the product. We are the voice-over. We are the text that someone reads. We are the backdrop and the foreground. We are also a book, an out-of-the-box gift idea, the secret planners.

We are a small team. We are agile and quick. 15 professionals directing the different areas, and a reliable supporting crew, with more than 18 years of fieldwork experience, working on individual projects with the best dedicated team to support the customer in the assigned project. “Emotion”, a creative agency that managed events and incentives for more than 15 years, is now our event and incentive operations unit.


We have developed the creativity and marketing unit because we believe it’s essential to offer to our customers an efficient and comprehensive service.

Today we can count on skilled professionals in production and a warehouse of more than 1000 square meters of truss stage system, lights and scenic effects, audio and video supports.

The Lab
out of the ordinary - into the extraordinary

Art or Art director.

Creating is amazing.

I love art; fashion; music.

I’m a graphics passionate, living of design and new ideas. Doing events is the way I live my passions.

I like to work on a logo design, on a stage project, on how to promote a project or on designing a mascot. My job is to find the best idea to create emotions.

Creating is connecting my soul with the customer’s one, it’s my way to communicate.

I would not do anything else

Alberto De Leo
Art Director

On air

A road behind me. The dream in front of me.


I drove the world fastest car. I have ridded the longest ziplines and explored underwater caves. I spend many hours in meetings for creating crazy ideas to end up in directing their realization. I wrote articles; I argued.


In other words I’m crossing through the amazing and hectic world of communication. And now I cannot do without it.


Even when I’m looking to the sunset from the top of a mountain; because it's then when I’m thinking to the colors I should use to recreate it for the customers!  

Fabrizio Mezzo
CEO & MarCom Director

I learned new meanings

for my words!

In my job, I learned that if some one tells you "do something on the fly" doesn't just mean "quickly. He will probably means that I will probably be hanging upside down on a trapeze to mount lights.


If some one propose me a "midnight bath" it will be for pulling cables inside a pool to illuminate the artists of a famous "Circus" working in the water.


But basically to be a Production Manager is nice for this: because every day he invents a creative way to solve practical problems.


What's better?

Salvatore Maganza
Production Director

The "design of an idea"

I graduated in Industrial Product Design.


That does not make us very happy with the world of events, many will think! But no. I discovered that designing an event is very complicated. And I like it a lot.

We need to draw stages, scenes, brochures, icons, create photo sets or look for travel plans. And to those who think it is very different from my c.v., I say that programming is the milestone in events.


The "design of the idea". Here I like to call what I do; take an idea and transform it into a concrete form, in a project that someone will experience getting excited, being surprised, collecting photos and memories.


Am I flying too high? I do not think so. Rather. Every day I learn a new way to make our customers fly!

Evelyne Viscione

Address: Via R. Pitteri, 10

20134 Milano (MI)


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